Draper PreschoolDraper is a city within the Salt Lake City and Utah counties. The community in Draper is filled with great families and located just 20 miles south of Salt Lake. At the foot of the Wasatch mountains, it is a fabulous place for early childhood education. A Draper preschool, Corner Canyon will be a positive educational experience for your young child.

Draper Preschool

Our teachers and staff have a united purpose and that is to prepare your kids for elementary school. We value the importance of teaching social skills, academic and creativity. We do this in a strong environment of happiness and learning. You will find that our curriculum is well balanced. Within the school walls we have created a great place for young children to learn. Draper preschool is a great place to begin your child’s education.

You will find that Corner Canyon Academy is located conveniently near Draper Elementary School and Corner Canyon High school. This allows drop offs and pick ups to be convenient if you have other children attending either of those schools. Corner Canyon Academy is just minutes away.

Early Childhood EducationDraper Preschool

At our Draper preschool, we offer a few different classes for your young tots. There is a class created for 3- to 4- year olds, that is a preschool fashioned class. Introducing your child to numbers, letters and creativity. In the Pre-Kindergarten class we teach 4- to 5- year olds. In the pre-k class we strive to help each child have a strong foundation that will prepare them for what is to come for them in kindergarten.¬†At Corner Canyon Academy, we value your child’s future. We love you and your children, which is why we provide the greatest experiential learning that is possible for your child to have. Call us, and we will be happy to give you the details that you need and set up a tour for you to see the school. Spots usually fill quickly, so don’t delay!

Parent Love

“We love this preschool! My little guy loves Miss Emma and can’t wait to go to school. He says Miss Emma is teaching him to be “quite smart” and I love how professional all of the teachers and staff are. Highly recommended!! The environment is loving and supportive and I love how they focus on positive behavior (the kids aren’t told to “stop doing that” a million times. Instead they have a great system with behavior refocusing and a power mat if they make a bad decision and need to gain their power back) which I have seen really has helped my active little guy be more focused on good behaviors. Seriously, the best preschool!”

Elisse S.

“My daughter has been going to Corner Canyon Academy for a year now and we love it! She has a wonderful teacher who works hard to make learning fun. One of the biggest benefits of Corner Canyon Academy is the school’s balanced approach to learning; since our daughter is still so young, we wanted a school that focused on socialization, physical and musical play, as well as reading and kindergarten prep. She has a lot of years of school ahead of her, so we wanted her to learn to love school now. Corner Canyon Academy is doing a great job of making that happen.”

Mandy A.