About the Owner + Director


Since 1973, Marilyn S. Larson has had a loving hand in the educational process of thousands of children.

She began her “life road” of teaching children through educational happiness with her first preschool in Sandy, second school in East Sandy (Toddle Time Pre-School), and her third school, Bright Kids Learning Center in Draper. Corner Canyon Academy is her “dream come true,” built on what was the home site of her grandparents 35 acre farm in Draper.

Her formal education in Early Childhood Development was achieved through Brigham Young University and Westminster College, with continuing education in child psychology, child abuse, early intervention, adoption, and dyslexic disorders. She has trained and taught in the Tough Love program.

She and her husband, Robert, are the proud parents of five wonderful children and nine precious grandchildren.

Our assistant directors, teachers, and office personnel are carefully chosen first for their ability to love and nurture each child in our academy, and second for their expertise in teaching children. Many of our teachers are certified in Elementary Education, Dance Art, and Theatre with impressive backgrounds in teaching. All teachers present the same curriculum designed by Corner Canyon Academy.