Parent Testimonials


We had our first daughter at Corner Canyon for 2 years. She loved it immensely; loved her teachers, the owner, and everything to do with learning. She left reading three and four letter words, which was amazing to me. She also learned about so many great subjects like the solar system, weather, addition, dinosaurs, the body, I could go on and on! The teachers and owners really love what they do and have an admirable love for these children. Corner Canyon Academy is a must at our house! We’re getting ready to send our second there and she can’t wait!

Katherine Slaugh

We have absolutely loved Corner Canyon Academy. My son is in Pre-K, and before entering Corner Canyon, had no previous preschool experience. I was nervous that he would be behind the other children because he wasn’t even that familiar with his letters. After one year with Miss Marilyn and her staff, he is reading! They are warm and caring, and provide many interactive learning experiences for the children through their various theme-based curriculum. My son has made great friends, and loves school. I highly recommend Corner Canyon Academy.

Deborah Speed

I love Corner Canyon Academy and Ms. Marilyn. Two of my children have gone through her program and I just enrolled my third. Corner Canyon Academy’s program is fun, positive, educational creative and well balanced. My kids always looked forward to going and were sad to leave. I would highly recommend this excellent pre-school to anyone.

Rachel Ward